Wild Angelica by Thymes


No we aren’t talking about Angelica from The Rugrats on Nickelodeon here.  We’re talking about a new fragrance line from Thymes in their Garden Alchemy section.  I received two of their Wild Angelica products to review.  Let me say that I had never heard of Thymes before until I just happened upon them in a search for something else online.  When I got the package I was surprised at the size of the products.  They were much larger than what you would normally get for the price that they sell them for.  I received their Wild Angelica Mist for Body & Bed and their Wild Angelica Body Souffle.

Wild Angelica Mist

The Wild Angelica Mist for Bed & Body:

Contains fresh, fragrant distillations of green ivy, red magnolia blossoms, wild angelica, verdant galbanum and dusky violet petals. Gentle enough for use as a body spray, yet also perfect for linens and soft furnishings.

Wild Angelica Body Souffle

The Wild Angelica Body Souffle:

Enriched with moisturizing glycerin, shea butter, vitamin E and extracts of velvet flower and antioxidant milk thistle. Scooping cream from the wide-mouth jar makes for a lavish experience.

It’s hard to really describe how they smell.  They aren’t necessarily floral but do have some floral notes to them.  The mist is a little strong at first so if you’re spraying your bed do it a little bit before you go to bed so it has time to not be so strong and keep you up.  The body souffle isn’t that way though so you’ll have no problems hopping out of the shower and rubbing it on without overpowering anybody’s senses.

I immediately fell in love with the designs they use for their Garden Alchemy products.  The bottles would make great decorative pieces while you’re still using them and even after all the product is gone!


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 *I received the above mentioned product(s) for review purposes only.  All opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by any form of compensation received.*

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