ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards Review & Giveaway

My girls recently got to do a product review of their very own with the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards. These cards are a great tool to help your child learn math and counting. They have pictures of animals on them to help out with counting, and it’s a fun way to teach your child what different animals look like too. My youngest will be 2 in September so I knew that these wouldn’t be for her right now but it doesn’t hurt to bring them out and show her what the numbers look like and tell her about the animals on the cards. My middle child will be 6 at the end of July so these are perfect for her. She has already learned to count to 100 so that set is a bit boring for her since she, “already knows it” {sigh}. The best way to learn is through repetition though so having her do them from time to time will just keep everything she learned about counting in Kindergarten fresh in her mind over the summer.

As you can see the cards do show a little bit of addition since there are 2 different kinds of animals on the cards. They stared teaching a little addition in her class but didn’t get too much into it so I’m hoping that the math cards will help give her a jump start for next year.

The ChildUp cards are perfect for little hands too. They aren’t super huge nor super thick. Both of my girls love going through them and looking at the pictures. There are also 16 Parent’s Cards in each pack. The Parent cards are like fact cards. They have different things on them about what the cards can teach your children, some things to ask them while using the cards, and basically useful information about what math can do to help your child become successful.

The numbers on the front of the cards are large so they’re easy to see and read, as you can tell in the picture above. And you also see another example of the math part of the card sets. Under the numbers they have a picture of animals, in this case a grasshopper and a scorpion. Then there are numbers beside the animals. It makes it really easy to pose a question to your child: If I have 15 grasshoppers and I add 5 scorpions then what do I have total? You could also cover up the number above and reverse this to introduce some subtraction: If I have 15 grasshoppers and 5 scorpions come along and eat x amount of grasshoppers, how many do I have left?

Each card set is recommended for children age 1 to 5 but of course, depending on your child’s stage, they could be used for much longer.

The ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards teach children to count from 0-10 or 0-20, numbers as quantities and symbols, and the first steps with addition. They help develop math and logic skills, learning and cognitive skills, listening and memory skills, attention and concentrations skills, and language and social skills.

They also offer some Apps for your phone so you can take learning on the go without packing something extra!

EarlyMath – Raise a Math Genius for iPhone/iPad

This app helps children learn the first steps in addition, as well as the names and real sounds of 80 popular animals.

Free Download via this link:

EarlyZoo – 80 Animals for Kids for Android or iPhone/iPad

80 Animals to Learn for Preschoolers with Sounds and Landscapes!

Free Download on Android:

Free Download on iPhone/iPad:

I’m honored to be able to offer the same set that I received to one of my readers. All you have to do for a chance to win is enter the Rafflecopter form below!

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