Nostalgia Electrics Bakery Bites Express

Last night I finally got the chance to play with my new toy!  It has now become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!!  What is it you ask?  None other than the Bakery Bites Express from Nostalgia Electrics!  I was finally able to make cupcakes without either the tops or bottoms being burnt and the middle still being runny.  My stove is, well, ancient and the oven doesn’t work properly.  It was here when we bought the house a year and a half ago and I have to say that I’ve never seen a stove like mine in my life.  I can’t wait until we can get a new stove but on the other hand I love my stove.  I love that it has so much room on the top.  I just don’t love that I can no longer bake anything anymore since I would much rather bake than cook on the stovetop.

The Bakery Bites Express is very easy to use.  So easy in fact that I was able to do everything but frost the top of the cupcakes with a baby on my hip.  I’ve had the Bakery Bites Express for a little over a week now but haven’t had the time to try it out.  Well my middle daughter has been begging me for days to make mini cupcakes for her and I finally had the time last night at 11pm.  That’s right, 11pm!  I was up until 1am making and frosting mini cupcakes.  When you make a pinky promise to a 5-year-old they never let you forget it until you follow through.

So we started off with a regular sized box of cake mix.  That was my first mistake and another reason I had to stay up until 1am making them.  I should’ve found a smaller box of mix.  Lesson learned.  While I was mixing up the ingredients I had it plugged in and warming up.  It’s very easy to tell when it’s ready to start baking with an indicator light that will go off on the top of it when it’s ready.  I filled all the cupcake wrappers with cake mix, added the tray to the Bakery Bites Express, and closed the lid.  I found that it’s easier to use an ice cream scoop, or tablespoon if you prefer, to put the cake mix in the cupcake wrappers.  I also noticed that it takes about half the time as normal to bake mini cupcakes.  This was the first time I’ve ever made them if you couldn’t tell.

What was the result?  Yummy bites of cupcake goodness!!!  I absolutely LOVE my Bakery Bites Express!  I can’t wait to try baking brownies in it.  This handy gadget doesn’t just make cupcakes and brownies though.  You can also make bundt cakes and cookies too.  The instruction book also includes some really yummy recipes that I will be trying out in the future.  Clean-up is easy as you just wipe everything down with hot soapy water and a dish rag.  The only con, and I guess it’s not really a con at all just me and my lazy non-dish washing self, is that you can’t put the interchangeable trays in the dishwasher.

Overall Rating: *****

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    • Michelle says:

      I’m sure if you did a Google search you’d be able to find it. I have it packed away with all my other manuals right now so I don’t have access to it. I looked on their website but couldn’t find it there.

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